Handbuilt in the uk

The best components built with expertise, care and attention

Custom Wheelsets built to your requirements and specification

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Faster, Lighter, Stronger, Stiffer…

There are many variables in component choice, build options, lacing pattern, spoke tension, and more…….

Any information you can provide about your bike, body, riding styles and preferences will help us with your wheelbuild details

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Why Handbuilt Wheels

Components and Build all based around your specific details and requirements

There are many reasons to choose a handbuilt wheels to upgrade or replace your current wheelset.

  • Save Weight
  • More Reliability
  • Aerodynamics
  • Strength/ Stiffness
  • Specific Requirements
  • Options unavailable in factory wheelset
  • Off the shelf wheelsets don’t meet your requirements
  • Broken parts
  • Save Money
  • Custom Colours
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Can’t believe the improvment

My bike feels like a totally different beast. Thanks for the advice, these wheels are awesome!! 🙂

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