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How do I order my new wheels?

To make selecting your new wheels as easy as possible we have several options for ordering.

1/ Add your chosen hubs, rims, spokes and nipples to the basket and complete checkout

2/ Drop us an email

3/Use our custom wheel builder product where all components can be selected from a single page

4/ Use our wheel build form to let us know your requirements, we can then get back to you with wheelsets or components selected to meet your requirements


How are my wheels built?

Your wheels are built by our experienced wheelbuilder. Our process has been honed over many years and John our wheelbuilder has built thousands of wheels.

All our wheels are built to a high tolerance and even spoke tension. During the build spokes are stressed and tensioned to ensure that your new wheels provide thousands of happy trouble free miles

I am unsure what components to choose as theres so many options, can you help?

Of course we are happy to help. We love to talk wheels and can help guide you to the best components and build for your requirements.


I would like new rims built onto existing hubs, can you do this?

We can reuse your original components provided that they’re in good condition and won’t be detrimental to the finished product.

Can you pricematch other websites?

Unfortuantely we generally aren’t able to pricematch other retailers on components. We offer a free build service when all the components are purchased from us so we are already doing a lot more than juist boxing and posting your parts out. We can pricematch wheelbuilds using identical components.

We are however happy to build up wheels from new components that have been purchased from other retailers. When all components havent been purchased from our website  we charge £30 per wheel or £50 per wheelset labour.


When will my wheels arrive after ordering?

Once we receive your order any components that aren’t in stock are ordered and the build can begin.

It generally takes around 2 weeks from order to delivery. Once we receive your order we will email within 24hrs to confirm timescales and always aim to keep you updated.

If you need your wheels quicker please let us know and we shall do our best to expediate the process

Do you offer discounts?

From time to time we offer discount codes which are advised via our mailing list and sometimke our social media accounts.

We often offer discounts on ready to ride wheelsets that we’ve already built.


Can you recommend me a wheelset?

We are always happy to talk wheels, please get in touich via the website, contact form, email, text or phone with your requirements.

Do you have a showroom that I can visit?

Our workshop is located in Biddulph, Stoke- On- Trent. You are welcome to collect your wheels should you not want them posting out.

As were often tied up building wheels visits are by appointment only, please get in touch to arrange

My factory off the shelf wheels flex/ pop spokes/ are heavy/ roll roughly/ are worn out. Will custom built wheels be an improvement?

Certainly, most factory built wheelsets are built as a one size fits all/ majority style.

By choosing a custom built wheelset we are able to produce wheels built specifically to your requirements using the best components for your needs, no shortcuts!

This ensures that our wheels will out perform, out last and are generally better value than all but budget factory built wheels.


Which spokes should i choose?

For most wheelbuilds we would reccomend using a double butted spoke. This gives a good balance of strength, weight and performance. We offer both Sapim Race and DT competion spokes in black or silver

In some requirements where aero benefits or fatigue strength are required then a bladed spoke maybe a better albeit more expensive choice. We offer Sapim CX-Ray as out preferred bladed spoke.

For eBike wheels we wouild recommend a Sapim strong spoke which is still butted but thicker than a standard spoke to help with the increased power goijng through the wheel.


Brass or Alloy Nipples?

Brass nipples are more corrosion resistant than alloy. For this reason if you plan on running your wheels all year round in salty conditons brass nipples are a better choice. Brass nipples are available in Silver or Black.

However for perfromance wheels alloy nipples  are lighter, saving rotation weight will allow your wheels to accelarate faster. In this case alloy nipples are a better choice. Alloy nipples are also available in a variety of colours for a truly custom look to your wheelset.

What warranty do my new wheels have?

In addition to the standard manufacturers warranty provided with wheel components we offer a 12 month warranty on all our wheel builds. Any issues let us know and we’ll get it sorted.

We offer free re-trues for the lifetime of your ownership of any wheels built by us. This excludes postage costs to get the wheels to us and back to you once sorted.

We also offer a 2 year crash replacement policy whereby any components damaged in a crash can be replaced at 25% off RRP (again excluding postage costs)


Why should I upgrade my wheels?

A good set of wheels can make a huge improvement to how your bike rides. Often manufacturers fit budget wheels to even mid/high level bikes so even a new bike can be massively improved by upgrading your wheels.

The rapidly expanding range of options in rim width, tyre sizes, axles and cassette types means that factory build wheels often dont meet riders requirements or aren’t even available in certain standards

Custom built wheels are specified and built for your requirements, improving the ride, weight and feel of your bike.

Can I send you my details and requirements and receive a custom quote?